Welcome Friends – I hope you can make it to the shindig !

The Basics

Come ye for any or all of this birthday/pre-summer-solstice bash:

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 16-18, 2023.

Address: Henning’s House – 35 Fairview Ave, High Falls, NY 12440

646.331.8329 – Longior@protonmail.com

Camping: There will be a LARGE tent that quite a few peeps can sleep in, or bring your own camping gear; lmk if you need indoor accommodations.

Kids welcome. Dogs that won’t chase cats welcome.

What to bring:

Your personal cup, bowl, utensils

A cooler if you have one

Potluck food & drink

A Chair – if you’re into this whole sitting fad that’s been going around

Two(!) Towels, Flipflops/Crocs, Water Bottle – if you want to enjoy the Sauna

Stuff in good condition that you want to get rid off – we’ll have a clothing/gear/household items swap; leftovers will go to the People’s Place in Kingston

The Program:

(check for updates closer to the date of)

Sauna / Cold Plunge

Live Music & DJ (please reach out if you’d like to play)

Kundalini Yoga & Gong with Hariprakaash (Friday 6pm & Sunday 12:30pm)

Performances of any kind welcome: Improv, Clowning, Story Telling…whathaveya

Clothing/Gear Swap


Serve-yourselves Massage Table Set-up

! Bubbles !

Possibly Roller Skating @skatetimeny on Sunday (open noon-7pm)

Still wanted:

P/A System [ covered by Daniel G. – thank you! ]

BBQ, Tiki Torches, Lighting, Bug Control (zappers etc.)

Lawn games – Croquet, Badminton, Bocci, …etc.

A gas-powered Power Washer for use some time before the party

Help with set-up before and break-down/clean-up after

PARKING: on the grassy strip indicated in the aerial pic; please back in against the fence so we don’t run out of space. TY.

One last thing

hold on…let me balance my soap box here…is it tall enough?…it’ll have to do…here goes…

If you would indulge me and those friends of ours who value privacy and object to ubiquitous surveillance and data harvesting,


( If you have a creeping 1984-ish feeling that all this shit may not be in your and our society’s best interest but feel overwhelmed and unsure how to opt out of any of it, you may want to start with a simple, cheap microphone blocker and, perhaps, residue-free camera lens blocking stickers on your phone and on your computer; both available at: https://mic-lock.com/collections/all )

* unless it is an Above Phone or similar privacy phone

Avoid Apple

Abandon Amazon

Forget Facebook

…and whatever you do, GET. OFF. GOOGLE.

– Mark Hurst

Host of https://techtonic.fm/