Event Rental Information

 Our mobile sauna is available for rent for public and larger private events such as wellness and sporting conventions, corporate affairs, workshops, coaching classes, as well as weddings and other ceremonies.

In addition to the conditions of our Rental Agreement which covers rentals from private parties, we require the following from our event rental customers. Please do not process an event booking without prior discussion with us of the points below.


A Spa Fleet attendant needs to be booked with the sauna at $50 per sauna run-time hour.

Depending upon your event dates, we may be able to provide this service for overnight or multi-day rentals. Renter’s provision of room and board for Spa Fleet staff or, alternatively, a per diem of $200 per night will need to be agreed upon.


We will be happy to furnish you with a copy of our Certificate Of Liability Insurance.

If the event venue requires to be listed as an additionally insured entity on our policy, this will incur a cost for the renter of $100 per entity.

We look forward to providing sauna bliss for your special event !

Please contact us HERE with any questions you may have.