Q: “How do I use your sauna?”

A: Upon booking, we provide you with a comprehensive User Manual (also available for download at the bottom of this page), which outlines the features of the equipment and gives you an introduction on how to take a sauna bath. Please also view our About page.

Upon delivery, we will explain everything you need to know about using the sauna. It was conceived in a way that even a novices to saunas and wood stoves will find no difficulty in running it.


Q: “How much does it cost?”

A: For a rental pricing quote, please go to our BOOK PAGE and enter your desired number of nights, dates, and rental location. A quote will be generated for you, instantaneously.


Q: “When does my rental term begin and when does it end?

A: You are booking the equipment by the night, much like you would book a hotel room. We will deliver the sauna by the afternoon on the day your rental term begins. We will pick it up by mid-day on the day after the last night you booked it for.

Example: You are booking the four nights of January 5-8. We will come for pick-up around noon on January 9th.

We try to be flexible with the delivery and pick-up hours, and will work with you as best as possible to find times that are mutually convenient.


Q: “What is Spa Fleet’s Cancellation Policy?”

A: Our Cancellation Policy is outlined in section 13. Time Of Payment. Cancellation Of Rental. of the Equipment Rental Agreement, which you can find at the bottom of this page.


Q: “I don’t know how to use a wood stove. Is it dangerous or difficult?”

A: Our info sheet How to start a fire in the sauna stove, as well as the person delivering the sauna to you will explain how to safely start a fire and operate the stove, with no prior experience necessary. The sauna stove does not have any levers, dampers or other adjustments you may find in a more complex home heating wood stove. The flue pipe is always fully open to ensure that all smoke and flue gases will rise out through the chimney. Furthermore, there are heat shields installed on the walls adjacent to and on the floor beneath the stove.